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Kanye West - Power

Of course, 'Ye isn't the first lyricist to look to Rowland to lend some sizzle to a project. The singer appeared in [article id="1624776"]50 Cent's 2009 video "Baby by Me"[/article] as a devoted, yet still crazy glamorous, housewife raising a brood of mini 50s. Before the video dropped, Fif explained to MTV News that he coaxed Rowland into appearing in the clip at the last minute because he felt she brought the star power he needed for the Before I Self Destruct visual.

Kanye West - Power

Returning to West, an industrial chain hangs around his neck. It is far heavier than any human could hold up, indicating his godlike power. From the chain hangs a rather large pendant or ornament with the Egyptian god Horus. He was the greatest of the Egyptian gods with the head of a falcon and the body of a man. In his many manifestations, he was a god of war, protection, and the sky. As the god of the sky, a connection could be made to the clouds in the sky, the backdrop in the video.

No one man should have all that powerThe clock's ticking, I just count the hoursStop tripping, I'm tripping off the power'Til then, fuck that, the world's oursAnd they say, and they sayAnd they say, and they sayAnd they say, and they say(21st-century schizoid man)

Colin Powells, Austin PowersLost in translation with a whole fuckin' nationThey say I was the abomination of Obama's nationWell, that's a pretty bad way to start the conversationAt the end of the day, goddamnit, I'm killing this shitI know damn well y'all feeling this shitI don't need your pussy, bitch, I'm on my own dickI ain't gotta power trip, who you goin' home with?How Ye doing? I'm survivin'I was drinkin' earlier, now I'm drivin'Where the bad bitches, huh? Where you hidin'?I got the power make your life so excitin' 041b061a72

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